Welcome to Uthaan
A registered Non-Governmental Organization with the initiative of providing upliftment, education, empowerment & assistance.
Our Aim
Empowering Lives,
Transforming Communities
Our Aim: Since 2020, Uthaan thrives on progressive ideals and impactful actions. We're driven by a shared goal: turning challenges into opportunities while brightening faces with a smile. Our approach is hands-on, spanning education, menstrual health, awareness, and social and environmental causes.
From educating children to empowering artisans with digital marketing skills, distributing menstrual hygiene kits, spreading awareness, and conducting cleanliness drives our results speak loudly. We embody the spirit of transformation, where intentions and actions align for lasting change. Uthaan envisions a world where barriers crumble, and each person's potential finds light.
What we do at a glimpse :
Spread Literacy
Uthaan empowers marginalized communities by spreading literacy.
Conduct Awareness Workshops
Uthaan's detailed workshops inform and empower citizens for change.
We raise funds and donate to create a positive impact.
Uthaan is a helping hand for those in need.
Cleanliness Drives
Uthaan leads efforts for cleaner, greener
Promote Artisans
Uthaan uplifts traditional craftsmen and their crafts , preserving culture
Impactful Stories
Witnessing Transformation Firsthand
Prioritizing Menstrual

Uthaan Foundation ignited transformation with a resounding "Menstrual Hygiene Drive" in Bhopal's slums.

Uniting for a
Cleaner Earth

The year 2023 marked a resounding success for our Clean Earth Initiative.


Experience the heart of Uthaan's commitment through our transformative educational drive.

Elevating Local

Uthaan's impact reaches deep into the heart of Old Bhopal, where our mission to uplift local communities shines brightly.

Uplifting Lives:
Uthaan's Distribution Drives

Uthaan's distribution drives are a testament to our mission of enacting meaningful change.

Empowering Futures:
Career Guidance

Beyond the classroom, our commitment to empowerment shines.

Join the Movement
Be a Part of Change

Bank name : HDFC

Account no : 50200076248869

IFSC : HDFC0001374